A review of DanMachi IV: Episode 3 “Parasite”

DanMachi IV has revealed its first true terror, proving that predictions of a darker season were not exaggerated. In spite of the fact that there are certainly odds stacked against the party this week, there was a sense of hope and optimism throughout the event that was well-deserved and kept the hype alive.

At the end of last week’s game, a mysterious monster attacked the party with a projectile attack. Chigusa was infected as well as Luvis and all the other adventurers caught in the monster’s traps by a plant-like infection.

Intelligent monsters exhibit greater brutality, robbing brave adventurers of arms and legs and causing them to hide in fear as a result of their brutality. The image conveys the necessary threat without overdoing the violence. At the beginning of the episode, we see the party assessing the situation.

As a means of summarizing the learned information, introducing new facts, and creating tension through discord, these conversations can be useful during fight scenes. In the past, scenes such as these have sometimes devolved into a conversation between circles, which is why it was a relief to hear this exchange between the parties.

As the situation is explored more and more thoroughly, it becomes clear that running and getting out of the dungeon for the benefit of the injured is not the best option. Before they return to kill the monster, they should face the monster directly, so that it does not have a chance to become stronger.

Before DanMachi, the action was effectively handled by some occasionally stellar sakuga and the personal struggles of the characters, as the opponents were just monsters. As a result of this new foe and the uncertainty of their situation, the combat has taken on a new dimension, where half of the thrill comes from watching both sides play a vicious game of chess against one another.

Since Bell is the glue that holds everyone together and is the strongest of all of them, his temporary separation from the group as a result of this week’s battle should be crippling. In spite of this, this episode was far more hopeful than expected, and Lili’s confidence makes her one of the season’s MVPs.

The music makes it obvious that Bell is still fierce and confident despite the distance between him and the gang. The score by Keiji Inai has been impressive throughout the series, but when the dark times come, the horn section’s proclamation of oncoming battle gets the blood pumping just right.

The moment Bell feels most proud of in this episode is also the one that seems weak in light of the buildup. The monster Eina mentioned to Bell in episode one was especially deadly, but the way it was revealed and how rapidly it was vanquished here was a little disappointing. Although there is a greater threat now, it seemed like such a small moment for the story to develop.

However, the scene is nothing if not exhilarating, but perhaps some of that energy might have been better directed towards a scene that carries a bit more emotional weight. After the battle, Bell finds a new ally – or one hopes so – and the episode ends with the party in trouble, but confident in their chances.

With the expansion of DanMachi‘s cast, the tension injected into the plot and the emotions associated with each battle are also increasing. In just three episodes, the performances have been stellar, and each setback and triumph reinforces how far the party has come and how difficult it will continue to be.

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