Moon Knight’s biggest regret is the love of his life

Taking up the Midnight Mission, Marc Spector hoped to distance himself from his dark, often gruesome past. Marc has had plenty of support along the way, even though it has not been easy. Sadly, the allies he left behind are nothing compared to the number of people he has driven away throughout his life. In spite of Marc’s losses, Jake Lockley has just made it clear that Marc is not the only one suffering from a broken heart.

It is in Moon Knight #14 (by Jed MacKay, Alessandro Cappuccio, Rachelle Rosenberg, and VC’s Cory Petit) that the titular hero finds himself engaged in vicious combat with two new adversaries. Even though Marc is under threat, his other personas have taken advantage of the opportunity to confront him. Steven Grant and Jake Lockley have legitimate concerns about Marc’s current downward spiral; however, they are not the only ones. Apart from the general intrusion, Marc cannot help but notice that all the women Jake surrounds himself with look exactly like his ex-wife.

Marc’s situation appears to be a perfectly understandable one at first glance, but that is only until the nuances of the situation have been revealed. The love of Marc’s life was first introduced as Marlene Fontaine in 1976’s Marvel Spotlight #28 (by Doug Moench and Don Perlin). Despite participating in many of his missions, Marlene eventually drifted away from Marc due to her preference for Steven Grants’s refined, heroic persona over Marc’s increasingly unhinged behavior.

There was a time when Marc and Marlene seemed to be living perpetually intertwined lives. Despite the fact that their romance was primarily limited to short-lived trysts in between Moon Knight’s adventures, it proved genuine enough to endure. Actually, it was the love between Marlene and Jake that led them to settle down and start a family. The Sun King eventually revealed the truth about Diatrice’s existence to Marc and Steven, despite the fact that Marlene gave birth to their daughter Diatrice.Marlene decided to leave in order to escape Marc’s endless cycle of violence, and Jake is still not forgiven.

The decades-long relationship between Marc and Marlene may have left a rift between them, but it was also a major influence on the persona of Moon Knight. Steven felt that Marlene was someone with whom he could enjoy life without fear of being used or vilified. Marc regarded Marlene as a source of passion as well as a beacon of hope for the idyllic suburban life he would never have the chance to experience. Even though Marlene was only Jake’s life for a short time, she was the life he did actually get to live.

Even though Marlene was only Jake’s life for a short time, she was the life he did actually get to live. They could have lived together for the rest of their lives if it were not for Moon Knight. In the future, Jake would have been able to see his daughter grow up and start a family of her own. As a result, Jake will only ever have memories of Marlene, while Marc will never truly understand that the only person that she ever truly desired to leave was him.

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