One Piece Just Boosted One Devil Fruit’s Power

One Piece has a new fearsome power, and it comes from none other than Kozuki Momonosuke, son of Oden. A powerful force in the world of One Piece, Momonosuke’s artificial Devil Fruit is modeled after Kaido’s genetic material. Even though Momonosuke’s ability to transform into a dragon was revealed in One Piece’s Punk Hazard Arc, his size and power as a fully grown adult dragon were not revealed until chapter 1023, titled “Two Peas In A Pod.” In this chapter, Momonosuke is shown to have reached the age of 28, thanks to Shinobu and her Devil Fruit. As a result, he was able to transform himself into a draconic powerhouse unlike anything he had ever witnessed before. Dr. Vegapunk, the artificial fruit’s creator, deemed it a failure for unknown reasons, but Momonosuke is still pushing the limits of his new power, as shown in chapter 1055.

According to the most recent chapter of One Piece, Momonosuke is able to utilize one of Kaido’s most powerful abilities- the Boro Breath attack. In their first encounter, Kaido famously used this attack to destroy the ruins of an entire mountain, causing Luffy to become enraged. The Boro Breath is one of Kaido’s signature moves in battle and has become a staple of his arsenal. Momonosuke had not previously been able to use this destructive fiery spew, but the battle against Ryokugyu may have awakened something within him, allowing him to access one of the greatest powers of Devil Fruit. Ryokugyu is reduced to cinders by Momonosuke’s Boro Breath, a display of power to rival that of Kaido himself.

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In spite of the fact that Ryokugyu was able to regenerate from a sapling, it is no small feat to be able to burn down an Admiral level fighter. Momonosuke has had difficulty utilizing all of his powers ever since he first transformed into a dragon. Momonosuke has steadily increased his power as he continues to use his full Zoan transformation, including flying, using flame clouds, and now being able to fire the Boro Breath. Momonosuke has undoubtedly received the most attention and growth out of the entire cast of characters in Wano. In just a few hundred chapters, he has evolved from a wimpy brat to the leader of a country, and his ability to use Boro Breath is a testament to his importance to the story of One Piece.

Momonosuke is the only person who uses the Uo Uo no Mi: Model Seiryu as a result of Kaido’s removal from the story. One Piece’s final conflict looms ever closer in the distance, so it seems increasingly likely that all players will receive power ups similar to this to create excitement for the series’ final chapter. With Momonosuke’s new power up, he already competes with Admiral-level fighters and there is no doubt that he will become even stronger in the future.

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