Original Piccolo could beat Frieza before Goku

As the first battle between Goku and Frieza is legendary within Dragon Ball lore, it was extremely close to not being necessary at all, as one of Piccolo’s original powers could have allowed him to defeat Frieza before Goku even had a chance to confront the intergalactic tyrant.

In the Frieza Saga of Dragon Ball, Goku and Frieza engaged in an epic battle that spanned many chapters and forever changed both characters. The circumstances surrounding the fight were as follows: Frieza was hunting the Dragon Balls on Planet Namek and the Z Fighters followed him to thwart his evil plan, but none of them stood a chance against the tyrant and many of them died trying–that is, until Goku finally arrived at the last possible second and defeated Frieza before he could accomplish his dark task. In this battle, Goku became the first Super Saiyan, a transformation that refined levels of power for any character throughout the entirety of Dragon Ball history. In spite of the importance of this battle to the series as a whole, Piccolo’s first form could have completely overshadowed this pivotal moment.

Akira Toriyama introduces readers to the full, terrifying might of the villainous King Piccolo in Dragon Ball chapter 135 after he is released from centuries of imprisonment to attempt to take over the world once again. While Piccolo was in a weakened state, he was still insanely strong and had one move in particular that was among the most deadly of any Dragon Ball fighter. There is no doubt that Piccolo possessed the ability to produce eggs containing powerful, dragon-like minions that would follow his every command without question and would be ready to take part in combat as soon as they were born. Due to his status as a member of the ‘demon-class’ Namekian caste, King Piccolo was able to bring these ‘demons’ to life.

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When King Piccolo was later killed by Goku, he was reincarnated into the heroic version of Piccolo fans know and love today, but upon his rebirth, he was a warrior-class Namekian and could not create an infinite number of powerful minions as in his previous life. Nevertheless, if Piccolo had retained that specific ability, he could have defeated Frieza and his army by himself. Piccolo, if he had the power within him, could have created an army and surrounded Frieza, bombarding him with endless attacks until he became overwhelmed by their strength.

Although King Piccolo’s ‘demons’ were relatively low-level villains, when compared to those depicted in the most recent Dragon Ball continuity who have exhibited cosmic scales of power, they were still powerful enough to kill a number of the greatest fighters on Planet Earth–including Krillin and almost Goku–when they were introduced, at the weakest point at which King Piccolo produced them. Piccolo, at full power, could have very well killed Frieza and saved the Dragon Ball universe long before Goku was even necessary had he created a batch of ‘demons’ he could use against the tyrant.

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