Spider-Man’s closest friends hate Peter Parker

One of the most complicated personal lives of any Marvel hero has always been Spider-Man’s. Most of those he truly cares about are alienated by his inability to reconcile the two halves of his life with the most important people in them. The worse part is that this was all accomplished long before he was turned into a social pariah as a result of a series of mysterious events. Although he has taken the initiative to improve, he has somehow managed to make things worse. This may indicate that those who love Spider-Man the most will never be able to stop hating him.

Peter has experienced some of the most difficult times of his life in the past six months. Additionally, Peter has been on the sidelines while Mary Jane established a new life and family for herself, alienating his friends and coworkers in the process. However, the few people who are still willing to go the extra mile for him have prodded him in the right direction, although this sudden change in attitude is not without its own challenges. As seen in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #6, Peter appearing on time for his own birthday party only to be derided was just the beginning of an exceptionally awkward evening.

No one seems particularly excited about Peter’s presence, despite the fact that it is his party. As far as Norah and Liz are concerned, J. Jonah Jameson’s absence is far more important than Peter’s arrival. Aunt May acknowledges it as an inconvenience that is understandable. The low expectations of those close to Peter in his personal life are not the only thing that irks him. Although it may be painful, he understands that it is his own shortcomings as a friend that have caused a wedge to form between him and those who are dear to him.

However, the fact that his fellow heroes have so little faith in him is a whole other issue. Flash Thompson and Bobbi Morse cannot help but point out how far Peter has fallen, and the worst part of all is that they are both correct. The initial event that sent Peter spiraling has yet to be revealed, but the way he has responded to it is clear. It is likely that those closest to Peter would have done whatever they could to assist him if he had reached out to them at any time. Sadly, like so many other times in his life, he chose to go it alone, either as himself or as Spider-Man, and in the process alienated everyone else.

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All of this does not mean that he is not appreciated, especially as one of the greatest superheroes of all time. That is the one point on which everyone seems to agree. As far as Spider-Man’s efficacy is concerned, it has never been questioned nor has his mission been scrutinized in any meaningful way. Because Peter Parker is incapable of getting himself together, all of his relationships have been burdened, sometimes beyond repair, as a result.

It is more than a question of balance that Spider-Man is so beloved while his human alter-ego is grudgingly tolerated; it is an issue of sustainability. It is only a matter of time before Peter’s friends and family decide to walk away from an apparently one-sided relationship after bearing the weight of his shortcomings and missteps for so long. In spite of how unfair it may seem to Peter, Spider-Man has become his better half in almost every respect. In order for him to turn things around, he will have to choose which of his two lives he wants to thrive, because so far he has demonstrated that both will not succeed.

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