A mocking of Warner Bros. by Simu Liu

Every DC fan is concerned about the cancellation of the Batgirl movie at the moment, with the news coming as a shock to those involved with the project and those who were involved in its development. A number of people have found the situation absurd, including actor Simu Liu. Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star mocked Warner Bros. It was Discovery’s decision to cancel the film while it was in post-production.

A cancellation of Batgirl was announced earlier this week, which left many DC fans disappointed. The Warner Brothers Corporation As Discovery has decided to cease producing direct-to-streaming films, Batgirl’s journey has come to an end before the film ever sees the light of day. Liu decided to poke fun at the entire situation by tweeting a joke about a non-existent Marvel project being cancelled. There is no doubt that some DC fans were not pleased with the actor’s tweet, and they have even requested that he delete it.

In his tweet, Liu apologizes to his fans for Disney canceling a project titled “Shang-Chi Holiday Special” due to “quality control concerns.” He claims to have already filmed the entire project, and this is when things turn sour. “I even designed an all-gingerbread Ta Lo,” he tweets as he bids farewell to “Shang Chi and the Legend of the Teen Golden Rings.” Warner Bros. is obviously poked fun at in the tweet. There is no doubt that the tweet is intended to poke fun at Warner Bros. Discovery’s decision to axe a project that had already been filmed. His remarks, however, clearly did not sit well with some DC fans.

A number of fans have assumed Liu’s tweet was a joke about Batgirl as a project and have asked him to be more considerate in the future. The Batgirl directors have released a statement following the cancellation, and the lead actor, Leslie Grace, has also commented on how special the project will always be to her. Clearly, the cast and crew are deeply upset by the cancellation, and DC fans are standing by them in support. Liu’s tweet, therefore, was not well received by many, and some fans raised a valid point regarding the film’s cast and crew feeling dejected. Others, however, remind their fellow Tweeps that Liu’s comment is directed at her company and in support of Batgirl.

In a recent interview, Discovery CEO David Zaslav stated that Warner Bros. would now be responsible for the DCEU. As a result of the cancellation of Batgirl, the conglomerate intends to build the Universe on the same level as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, of which Liu’s Shang-Chi is a part.Moving forward, it remains to be seen what further changes will be made.

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