Daredevil Will Be Different in She-Hulk

In recent years, Daredevil has been hailed as one of the best comic book shows. Netflix’s series developed Matt Murdock and his supporting characters in an exceptional manner, while also telling a darker and more intense story than expected. It is expected that Daredevil will be less brooding as he appears in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and becomes more involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Daredevil appearing in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and becoming more involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he will no longer be as brooding. As part of the MCU, She-Hulk will explore the lighter side of the character.

The MCU is frequently criticized for not taking characters seriously or having the same type of comedic dialogue in each episode or movie. The reason why Daredevil resonated with fans was that it was the opposite of all of that. The fight choreography was breathtaking, intense, and grounded. Charlie Cox will continue to portray the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it may be difficult to adjust to a more light-hearted version of the character – but fans will still find much to enjoy.

As Daredevil becomes more involved with the MCU, his style is likely to be adapted to match the new universe he inhabits. As a result of Hawkeye’s writing of Kingpin, we have already seen a shift to a lighter tone. Daredevil cannot beat people until his knuckles are broken and bloodied. As much as exploring the lighter side of Daredevil means departing from the aspects that fans enjoyed in the original series, it also means creating new stories for the character.

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By making Daredevil lighter, Cox is able to demonstrate more of his acting talents. Despite the presence of humor in the Netflix series, the Disney+ show will display it more effectively. It is possible for Daredevil to still have dark moments while also incorporating humor into situations or stories. She-Hulk does not have to make him into a joke in order for him to land jokes, and Cox knows how to do this. It is important to explore more aspects of Daredevil’s character than just his dark side in order to continue to develop his character.

It is also possible to include that aspect of Daredevil in the MCU. It is important to note that just because She-Hulk focuses on the lighter aspects of Daredevil’s character, does not mean that Echo or Daredevil: Born Again will do so as well. As She-Hulk is more of a comedic show that even includes meta elements, it is likely to seek out comedy elements. If Daredevil had a different tone from the rest of the characters, his highly anticipated appearance would ruin rather than enhance the series. She-Hulk’s screen time can add more dimensions to his personality before other series explore other aspects.

There is a significant difference between the tone of the MCU and the Marvel series on Netflix, so audiences should not expect the characters to be exactly the same. As a whole, the Marvel Cinematic Universe tells darker stories, but often with a fair amount of humor to offset the tragedy. It is not a reason to write off She-Hulk because she chooses to focus on the more positive aspects of Daredevil. A great actor like Charlie Cox can bring all of the wonderful aspects of the Netflix version of Daredevil into the Marvel Cinematic Universe while adding something new to it.

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