Flash Film in jeopardy due to Ezra Miller’s legal woes

The Flash movie is taking up most of Batgirl’s shelf space. According to recent allegations and arrest warrants against the film’s lead star Ezra Miller, Warner Bros. is currently considering how to proceed with the upcoming DC Extended Universe film.

The Hollywood Reporter reports that Warner Bros. is preparing three different scenarios for the future of The Flash. They would then do limited press for The Flash and the film would open in theaters as planned in 2023. This would involve Miller seeking professional help and then giving an interview explaining their erratic behavior over the past few years. If Miller decides not to seek assistance, Warner Bros. would still release the film but would not have Miller promote The Flash. In future DC projects, the role would be recast. The studio considers outright killing the movie as a last resort if Miller’s behavior continues to worsen. Since Miller plays multiple versions of Barry Allen/The Flash in the film and appears in almost every scene, it was not possible to reshoot the film with a different actor. According to THR, a $200 million film being scrapped would be an unprecedented move, however it is not out of the question after Warner Bros. Earlier this month, Discovery canceled the $90 million Batgirl film.

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This year, Miller has been involved in a number of major controversies. Earlier in February 2022, they were reported to the police for engaging with a German woman in threatening, abusive behavior. Parents of an 18-year-old woman have also accused the actor of grooming her. In June 2022, Miller housed a mother and her three children at a cannabis farm with loose firearms. Several months ago, Miller was reported to have spent the last few months driving around the United States, armed and wearing a bulletproof vest, believing they were being followed by the FBI and the Ku Klux Klan. Furthermore, they have been charged with felony burglary in a May incident in which they were allegedly caught on camera stealing from a Vermont home and accused of cult-like behavior while living in Iceland.

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