It is time for another MCU team-up film – not for the heroes, but for the fans

Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated the box office for about a decade now, but interest in the connected universe is declining. A lack of cohesion and increasingly poor quality productions are making some fans question where the once unstoppable commercial juggernaut is headed. Avengers 5 and 6 have been announced at just the right time, as some are growing weary of the direction in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading.

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a letdown for many, as a result of too many risks and too few, as well as the focus on some less than memorable characters and properties. If things begin to build up to something anything that unites these disparate ideas, this can all be alleviated. This will also help to rebuild things with the casual audience, making even the most mundane Marvel movies feel like must-see movies once more.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four began not with a movie but with a television show: WandaVision. Despite demonstrating the growing scope of the shared universe, this also began a litany of problems. If there were not so many shows and movies coming out at once, focusing on different corners of the MCU would not have been a problem. In addition, many of these were of increasingly questionable quality, taking much of the luster from the Marvel Studios brand. Additionally, there has been no clear central theme throughout this phase, making everything seem haphazard and disorganized.

The current MCU saga has been referred to as “The Multiverse Saga,” and although Spider-Man: No Way Home dealt with the multiverse, it has not been as effective as the Infinity Stones. The premise of multiversality has even been ignored by many shows and films, which have opted for non-multiversal adventures. No Way Home is the only entry in the current phase to have received near-universal praise, which has to be balanced by the fact that it is a joint production between Marvel Studios and Sony. After several of the classic Avengers have left, casual and even hardcore fans are left wondering why they should continue to follow the series.

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It was the success of the first Avengers movie that cemented the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the powerhouse it is today. The film brought together several heroes under one banner, making it appear as if each of their individual films had been leading up to it. As a result, the last few MCU movies have been more distinct from one another than ever before, with Eternals in particular feeling almost completely disconnected from the others. It is unfortunate that so many of the recent mid-tier productions have been standalones, given that Marvel Studios’ bread and butter is the fact that nothing is truly “standalone.”.

If that is the case, the obvious solution would be a crossover or team-up of some kind, even if the next official Avengers movie is quite some time away. A possible method would be to make a film in a franchise while still allowing for team-ups, such as Captain America: Civil War. It is possible for a movie like The Marvels to accomplish this by having an after-credits scene in which Carol Danvers meets with the current members of the Avengers. By doing so, the roster is established and everything that has occurred over the past two years does not seem quite so insignificant. Each Marvel movie will be viewed as an obligation by audiences again, reinvigorating interest amid lagging box office numbers. Three years is a long time to wait for the next Avengers film, and at that point, the honeymoon period for the MCU may have officially ended.

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