‘John Wick’ director talks 5th movie

Although John Wick: Chapter 4 will not be released until next year, and the Ana de Armas spinoff Ballerina has not even begun filming, franchise director Chad Stahelski is already hinting at part five by stating that the studio is fully on board with making more John Wick films.

As reported , Stahelski made these remarks when discussing the possibility that John Wick 5 could be greenlit as early as 2020 by the same team of the director and the creator of John Wick, Derek Kolstad, as well as star Keanu Reeves. Despite ratifying his intent to make more films, Stahelski confesses that the entire team was somewhat overwhelmed by the success of the first John Wick.

In the interview, one of the most important points was the fact that John Wick’s strategy was not as strictly planned as other franchises with multiple sequels, explaining that, even though the studio intends to continue the franchise, the team did not set out to make a specific number of films.The success of John Wick has changed Stahelski’s and Keanu’s life, he admits.

The director, however, does not let such levels of success get to his head. He says it is “very flattering” to hear that fans want more John Wick, even after three movies in eight years. Nevertheless, Stahleski’s repertoire is not limited to John Wick as he initially provided the interview to discuss his producing role in Netflix’s Day Shift, starring Jamie Foxx, as well as other projects including Henry Cavill’s Highlander remake or a film adaptation of the critically acclaimed Ghost of Tsushima.

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While the next film is scheduled for March 2023, and the workload is piling up rapidly, Stahelski admits he has time to sit down and work on John Wick 5, something that occurs -according to their own tradition – as they promote the latest movie as “every Wick was written or at least conceptualized in Japan at the Imperial Hotel with myself and Keanu on our press tour.” while sipping Japanese whiskey over lunch. Simply put, the director is not in a hurry to jump into it without knowing what the story will be.

In spite of Stahelski’s admission that they will not be able to keep making John Wick movies for the rest of their lives, he still sees the franchise’s future as open-ended, which indicates that John Wick 5 could leave fans wanting more, even if it takes some time to reach theaters. Nevertheless, Stahelski and Kolstad will have plenty of work to do as they are both currently working on Netflix’s adaptation of Splinter Cell.

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