The Original Predator’s Best Tool May Have Been Revealed by Prey

Throughout its history, the Predator franchise has been noted for its advanced weaponry and unique hunting techniques that combine realistic hunting techniques with alien advantages. As a result of their masks, Predators were able to see infrared, allowing them to stalk their target while camouflaged. In spite of this, the mask that appeared in the 1987 original may have been a highly advanced prototype compared to the masks that were used 200 years earlier in Prey.

Prey depicts the Feral Predator wearing little to no armor, with the exception of his most prominent protection, his mask. Unlike the previous films, this mask appeared to be a highly durable bone from a skull rather than a metal faceplate. The type of animal it was is unknown, but what is certain is that it was capable of seeing infrared, similar to those in use in the future. The capabilities of this device were, however, much more limited.

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As an example, in Prey, the mask’s limitations forced the Predator to stalk its target more closely than audiences had previously witnessed. Furthermore, a display indicated what type of animal the hunter was viewing. As its picture was better than anything that had come before, the mask did not have any text in 1987. Unlike future models, it did not cover the lower mandible of the Feral Predator. As Naru demonstrated in combat, no one had ever dared to grab one of their teeth and pull it out before.

Even if a person’s heat signature was slightly masked, the Predator could search for other things to give it an edge, even if their heat signature was slightly masked. The mask was most useful for its ability to record voices, something that the Feral Predator was not capable of. As a result, it became easier for them to lure prey into their domain and hunt them, demonstrating how the species has evolved as a result of each hunt.

Although the Predator’s mask was often taken for granted, Prey has shown that the mask in 1987 may have been something newer in their collection of weapons. It is possible that the mask shown in the original film was at the very least a prototype, as they had only 200 years of adaptation and evolution behind them. Therefore, even with advanced weapons, the Jungle Hunter had a strategic advantage over humans.

In addition to centering the franchise and returning it to its roots, Prey also demonstrated why a species of hunters has survived for so many centuries. With respect for the prey they hunted and lost to, the Predators became better than ever and changed in ways that allowed them to keep up with humanity. Despite its simplicity and unassuming appearance, a mask was born of necessity and a desire to better understand the world.

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