After WB cancels Batgirl, Flash movie is safe

Flash movie is safe
Flash movie is safe

Warner Bros. has made some new comments. According to Discovery CEO David Zaslav, The Flash is safe after Batgirl’s shocking cancellation.

Following the shocking cancellation of Batgirl, it is reported that The Flash is safe. A shocking announcement sent shockwaves throughout Hollywood and the DC fanbase earlier this week when it was announced that the Batgirl movie had been shelved, with no plans to release it in theaters or on HBO Max. The movie was highly anticipated, especially given that it had been in development for a long period of time, and was directed by the young directing duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. In the Heights star Leslie Grace played the titular character in the film. The cancellation of the movie was a significant blow to both audiences and the producers, resulting in heated online discussion as many criticized the decision.

Warner Bros. (WB) released an official statement indicating the decision was a result of a change in leadership at the studio. It has been announced that Discovery (WBD) is re-focusing its strategy so that it will only pursue blockbuster projects. In a subsequent statement, WBD CEO David Zaslav defended the decision to cancel Batgirl, explaining that they will not release any film until they are fully confident in its performance. Fans were concerned that other DCEU projects, such as The Flash, might suffer the same fate as Batgirl as a result of WBD’s strategy. Ezra Miller, the lead actor in Scarlet Speedster, has been arrested multiple times this year for disorderly conduct and assault, as well as facing accusations of grooming. Many fans have speculated about The Flash’s future as the situation has developed, and some have speculated that Batgirl’s decision could be an indication of a future announcement.

According to a recent report by THR, despite the conflict with Miller, The Flash is not at risk of being cancelled. In fact, Zaslav expressed excitement about the movie, along with Black Adam and Shazam: Fury of The Gods, during an earnings call with investors. As a result, he is considering revising some elements in order to make The Flash an even greater cinematic experience.

CEO says : We are very excited about them. We’ve seen them [The Flash, Black Adam, and Aquaman 2]. We think they are terrific, and we think we can make them even better. 
After WB cancels Batgirl, Flash movie is safe
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Miller’s future in the DCEU remains in danger, even though The Flash does not appear to be on the chopping block. The recent allegations against Miller have only aggravated calls to recast the role of Barry Allen, which was already quite divisive before their controversies. Several fans have called for the replacement of Miller with Elliot Page in The Flash, along with Dylan O’Brien and Grant Gustin. While it is currently unclear what the new regime at WBD will entail for the film, considering Zaslav’s desire to improve the film, the release date of The Flash may be delayed.

There is a possibility that WBD will announce a major change for The Flash after the premiere, whether it is recasting Barry Allen or utilizing the Multiverse to introduce an alternate version of the character. It was initially anticipated that The Flash would lead to a new franchise, with Calle’s Supergirl getting her own movie, but recent reports indicate that those plans may have been curtailed. While the DC Extended Universe management claims to have a 10-year plan, there has been no indication of what it holds for the franchise’s established heroes and villains. Even so, fans should keep an eye out for announcements regarding a constructive plan and new leadership for the DCEU.


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