This is the longest John Wick film

John Wick 4 is set to be the longest film in the franchise, although it will not be by a significant amount. Chad Stahelski recently spoke about the upcoming fourth installment in the wildly popular Keanu Reeves-led action series. When asked about the length of the new film, Stahelski replied, “It is longer than the other three, but not that long.”.

There were 101 minutes in the first John Wick film, 122 minutes in John Wick: Chapter 2, and 131 minutes in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum. Accordingly, the fourth film will last at least two hours and twelve minutes. “We are on the final stretch of picture lock, and then we will have our VFX music,” Stahelski said regarding the film’s editing process. Although this is the furthest I have ever been in post production, this is the best we have ever seen. The music we have so far is wonderful.” He clarified that “the movie is essentially completed,” but added that “there may be some tweaking to be done overall, after which we lock the picture, and we will focus on music and effects.”

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In response to a question concerning getting the action sequences right for John Wick 4, Stahelski explained that there were some practical obstacles that had to be overcome, but they were equally rewarding. Taking our best shot at it, how we shoot all the pieces, putting them together, we are still like, “Yeah, it’s a little bit more of a puzzle than we imagined,” said Reynolds.

After a group of mobsters break into John Wick’s home and murder his puppy, he returns to the criminal underworld that he left many years ago. In total, the three films in the series have grossed more than $587 million worldwide. It was so popular that it spawned a comic book and graphic novel series as well.

Ana de Armas will play the lead role in a spinoff film titled Ballerina. Furthermore, a spin-off television series called The Continental is in development and focuses on the hotel as a safe haven for hitmen and assassins.

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