Top Gun: Maverick Could Dominate Oscars

Top Gun: Maverick Could Dominate Oscars
Top Gun: Maverick

Top Gun: Maverick is proving to not only be one of the most influential movies of 2022, but of the entire post-pandemic era box office as well. Given its significance and dedication to classic practical filmmaking, it is quite possible that the Academy will give it special consideration. Best Director, Best Original Song, and Best Cinematography are the categories that make the most sense. Depending on the crop of contenders, the film may also be nominated in a number of other categories.

Even though they are unlikely to win, it is not impossible that Cruise and his co-stars may be nominated for Best Actor and Best Picture. A film like Top Gun: Maverick may have the best chance of winning Hollywood’s most prestigious awards at the 95th Academy Awards. The Academy will do everything it can to promote films that everyone can support and bring in as many viewers as possible following the debacle of last year. Although it is still too early to make any predictions, Maverick’s massive scope, box office numbers and general buzz might justify a wager.Best Director

Nomination for Joseph Kosinski

Since 2010, Kosinski has steadily climbed the ranks of Hollywood’s directors. His first film, Tron: Legacy, has become a cult classic and has been hailed for giving new life to an intellectual property long past its prime. Since then, he has directed several films, including The Dig and Only the Brave, which have received critical acclaim. As a result of the tragic passing of the original director of Top Gun, Tony Scott, Kosinski was brought in to take up the mantle. The artist’s eye for visual storytelling and his ability to bring old-school storytelling into the modern era should be recognized.

It is not easy to edit aerial combat

It was refreshing to see Maverick’s beautiful imagery in a world dominated by films loaded with cruddy CGI. It is well known that the film was shot practically and diligently with the actors taking real G’s in the cockpits. Furthermore, the film shot nearly 800 hours of footage in order to obtain the best possible images. Nevertheless, capturing these shots is not as simple as pointing a camera at the sky as F18s zoom from one side of the frame to the other. It was extremely challenging to capture the movement of these ariel machines due to their rapid speed. It is an impressive achievement that Claudio Miranda, a cinematographer who has worked frequently with Kosinski, was able to capture the speed and beauty of these beautiful shots on screen.

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One Republic and Lady Gaga might fight

Top Gun: Maverick may have two options when it comes to Best Original Song. Although they are not as successful as “Take My Breath Away” or “Danger Zone,” they are nonetheless backed by some big names. The first option occurs in the most swoon-worthy scene of the film, when Captain Mitchell and his pilots engage in a game of Dogfight Football. A song such as One Republic’s “I Ain’t Worried” underscores all of the flexing muscles, sea splashing, and sunbathing. Lady Gaga’s film-ending ballad “Hold My Hand” is more likely to be considered for the category. In addition to being credited with the film’s score, Gaga already has a strong reputation with The Academy.

Best Picture Nomination: Top Gun: Maverick

As The Academy has increased the number of Best Picture nominees to ten, the category has expanded across a variety of genres. As a result of their relevance, performances, and outstanding filmmaking, recent films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Joker, and Black Panther have received the Oscar’s biggest nomination. Top Gun: Maverick possesses all three of these factors. Despite being open since late May, Maverick has become the highest-grossing movie of 2022 due to the popularity of the film’s star and the audience’s positive reaction. Having said that, Avatar 2 is on its way and may result in the blockbuster losing some of its momentum.

Best Actor for Tom Cruise

Best Actor for Tom Cruise

Cruise has never won an Academy Award, despite being one of the most recognizable and beloved actors in the industry. He has been nominated three times for his roles in Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire, and most recently, although it was 22 years ago, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. Cruise has not made a big push for awards recognition as he has been concentrating on holding onto plane sides and repelling down the tallest buildings in the world. With the amount of love he has for this project and the level of commitment he has shown to the press, it is not unreasonable for him to think he may have a chance. It is important to the Academy that actors who are fully committed to their roles receive recognition, and Cruise is among the most committed actors. As a result, there are only five slots for Best Actor and plenty more Oscar-bait performances to come in 2022.


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