Dead by Daylight Used the Wrong Pyramid Head

It was not long ago that Dead by Daylight celebrated its sixth birthday, and it remains one of the most popular online horror games, particularly among streaming enthusiasts. Fans can look forward to what Behaviour Interactive has to offer with the announcement of the new game Meet Your Maker. DbD is well known for its many horror villains, including Freddy Krueger, Ghostface from Scream, and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. It is important to note, however, that the original designer has provided some feedback regarding that last one.

According to Masahiro Ito, the creator of Pyramid Head, the team behind Dead by Daylight used the wrong monster design. According to the tweet, Behaviour’s Pyramid Head is a representation of James Sunderland’s psyche from Silent Hill 2. It does not make sense from a story standpoint that this Pyramid Head appears in DbD when James himself is not depicted. According to Ito, there is a different design, known as the White Hunter, that is more suitable for non-canonical usage.

Silent Hill’s villain was added to Dead by Daylight in 2020 as The Executioner, and a new skin for the monster was added to the game in October. There is no way of knowing whether Behaviour will take Ito’s words to heart and decide to alter the design to be less similar to the Silent Hill 2 variation. As a simple change to the model’s textures, it should not cause too much of a fuss. It may even be well received by fans who feel that The Executioner is out of place when James Sunderland is not present.

Dead by Daylight recently added Resident Evil characters to its already extensive roster, continuing the game’s tradition of adding well-known horror characters to its roster. The studio’s response to Ito’s tweet and what else the team has planned for future updates will be interesting to see.

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Due to the large number of killers in Dead by Daylight and the large number of survivors, it is not surprising that the game is still in production today. Continuous patches are released by the developer in order to make improvements and add new features. It is possible that some people are concerned that things will begin to slow down now that Meet Your Maker has been announced, but time will tell whether Behaviour continues to show some interest in its most lucrative asset.

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