Saints Row: Here is everything you need to know about Los Panteros

We are just a few weeks away from Saints Row’s release, which means fans will be taking on the role of the new boss as the Saints reinvent themselves for the first time in Santo Ileso. This is not the first time the Saints have encountered opposition. Saints Row players must watch out for three main factions in addition to the police of Santo Ileso.

It includes the anti-capitalist revolutionaries’ cult The Idols, the militant Marshall Industries, and the rough and tough Los Panteros. An explanation of these gangs may be helpful prior to Saints Row’s release. They represent the main stopgaps in the Saints’ rise to power.

Los Panteros are the most gang-like of the three enemy factions in Saints Row. Idols are more like a fanatic cult, while Marshalls are essentially private military. There is no doubt that Los Panteros are a gang. In Santo Ileso, Los Panteros seek to control their territory, and probably more, and a recently shown Saints Row mission illustrates this conflict by pitting the Boss against Los Panteros. Additionally, they are all major motorheads, and there is a place called the Forge where they manufacture vehicles at an inhuman speed.

Despite Marshall’s military background and The Idols’ focus on raves rather than control, Los Panteros is the most dominant gang in Saints Row (before the Saints rose to power). Their leader is Sergio Velez, who established the common tactic of physical intimidation among Los Panteros. It is likely that many of these enemies will be tanks and heavy-hitting opponents who are equally likely to resort to the use of a baseball bat as they are to use a firearm. Moreover, as a result of Sergio’s hypocrisy in regards to family, the gang is more of a personal crime syndicate than an organization that serves the needs of the people.

Neenah is at odds with Sergio in Saints Row. All of the Boss’ companions, except Eli, are members of different gangs before joining the Saints. In Los Panteros and indeed throughout Santo Ileso, Neenah was the best getaway driver, so her departure is likely the kind of disrespect Sergio cannot tolerate. As such, this is likely to be one of the reasons players will be faced with him in the game, but how it all plays out remains to be seen.

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