New Apex Legends Glitch Causes Wrong Abilities

While Apex Legends has received critical acclaim, the game has been plagued by a large number of unique and sometimes downright ridiculous bugs since it was launched. Considering that this is a relatively complex title that receives frequent content updates, it is not unexpected. However, one might expect that the player base would already be familiar with all of the content.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, since Apex Legends may have just experienced its strangest, most outlandish bug to date, and the cause is still unknown. In other words, it appears that the game is somehow mixing and mashing various Legends together. Despite selecting one character, the player may end up spawning into the match with the abilities of someone else.

While Apex Legends’ Season 14 content has already made waves, this particular update also appears to have introduced the strange bug that players have recently begun reporting. By selecting Wattson, the player might get Octane’s abilities, animations, and voice lines combined with Wattson’s character model, throwing everyone involved for a loop. Additionally, it appears that there is no limit to the amount of mixing and matching that can be done. Players not only receive randomized abilities but also the bug is entirely random.

As a result, if someone is hoping to leverage Ash’s portals to win in Apex Legends, there is a non-insignificant chance that they will receive the abilities of another Legend instead. As funny as it might seem at first glance, this is a serious issue. People have no way of knowing what skill set they will receive when loading into a match due to this widespread issue.

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As strange as it may sound, this new ability switchup bug may be more problematic than Apex Legends’ ongoing hacking issue. Though Respawn Entertainment has not yet commented on the issue, the chances of this issue being prioritized are fairly high, given the inconvenience and confusion this could cause for both the player who controls the bugged character and the player who may encounter a teleporting Gibraltar.

At this point, leveling the Apex Legends Season 14 Battle Pass is more difficult than it should be. Until Respawn Entertainment deploys a fix, players who have mastered a particular character or dislike certain skill sets may have difficulty. It is hard to argue that seeing all these character mashups in motion is not entertaining.

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