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The 10 strongest Red Hair Pirates from One Piece


One of the strongest pirate crews in the One Piece universe is the Red Hair Pirates, led by Yonko, the Red-haired Shanks. As the first pirate crew introduced in the series, the Red Hair Pirates were destined to play an important role.

Since the final saga of One Piece has begun, the Red Hair Pirates have assumed a central role in the plot, and every powerful member of the crew will have a clearly defined role moving forward.


Bonk Punch is often seen sitting on the shoulder of Monster, a monkey. The Red Hair Pirates have Monster, just as the Straw Hat Pirates have Chopper. Monster is known to be one of the executives of the Red Hair Pirates, which shows that he has some level of fighting ability. Despite not knowing exactly how he fights, aside from creating distractions, fans will definitely see him in action in the future.

Bonk Punch

Another powerful executive of the Red Hair Pirates is Bonk Punch. There is very little information available about him, however, he is likely to be very powerful. Film Red reports that Bonk Punch has a powerful punch. Every member of the Red Hair Pirates has a high bounty, which means that they have all made a name for themselves in the New World. As a result, Bonk Punch is likely to be very powerful.


In addition to being one of the most powerful executives of the Red Hair Pirates, Hongo has also established himself as one of the most formidable fighters in the New World. As a skilled weapon user, he wields a polearm in combat.As an officer of the Red Hair Pirates, it is likely that he is proficient in Haki as well and uses it in conjunction with his polearm to combat his enemies. Although he is not among the strongest members, he is still quite capable.

Howling Gab

Howling Gab is another executive of the Red Hair Pirates, and he appears to be one of their most powerful. There is something beastly about him, and it is likely that he has a tremendous amount of physical strength. Although it is unknown what kind of powers he uses in combat, it is not impossible for him to use Armament and Observation Haki. According to Film Red, Howling Gab uses his howls to harm his enemies.

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Building Snake

Snake is one of the oldest members of the Red Hair Pirates, but it is not known exactly when Shanks recruited him. Being an officer of a Yonko crew, he is likely to be a skilled fighter who knows how to wield Haki. To deal damage to his opponents, Snake typically uses a saber in combat as his weapon of choice and coats it in high-level Haki.


In addition to being a powerful member of the Red Hair Pirates, Limejuice is also an elite officer of the crew. He is known to wield an ax in combat, but it is unclear how good he is at using it. He is known to wield an ax in combat, but it is unclear how good he is at using it. He is likely to be a decent user of Haki because of his position as an officer of the Red Hair Pirates and the fact that the crew does not likely include Devil Fruit users.


Usopp’s father, Yasopp, is a prominent member of the Red Hair Pirates. Brannew states that he is one of the top three executives of the Red Hair Pirates and has a very high bounty on his head. There has never been a sniper like Yasopp before in Luffy’s life. As a result of his exceptional combat abilities, Shanks personally sought him out in Syrup Village. His skill with a gun is such that he can snipe the antenna of a fly from a distance of 100 meters without harming the rest of it. As well as being an excellent user of Observation Haki, Yasopp has the ability to see the future for a longer period of time than Katakuri.

Lucky Roux

Lucky Roux is the second-strongest subordinate of the Red Hair Pirates and a powerful cook. Similarly to Yasopp, he has a very high bounty on his head, which is one of the reasons this crew has no major weaknesses. It has not been possible to see Roux’s true strength in combat, but it is likely that he will be a monster when the time comes. Throughout the story, he was the first character to kill someone, which certainly speaks volumes about him. Using Haki, he attacks by turning himself into a ball. The strength of his legs is also well known.

Ben Beckman

Often referred to as the dark to Shanks’ light, Ben Beckman is the Vice Captain of the Red Hair Pirates. It is evident that Beckman is quite a monster in combat, as even Kizaru, a Navy Admiral, was intimidated by him in Marineford. It is likely that he is an excellent user of Haki, and he even carries a pistol for self-defense. As stated by Film Red, his Haki exceeds that of an Admiral. Ben Beckman will certainly be extremely powerful as Shanks’ right hand man.


Captain of the crew and one of the Yonko of the Sea, Shanks is one of the most powerful pirates in the New World. It is evident that he is in a league of his own with a bounty of more than four billion berries on his head. As seen during the Wano Country arc, where Shanks used Conqueror’s Haki to paralyze and scare off Green Bull, Shanks is a proficient user of the Haki. Despite not knowing his true strength, he is likely the most powerful pirate alive at the moment, as Kaido has been eliminated.

‘Genshin Impact’ reveals most used characters


There is no doubt that the famous Spiral Abyss floors are Genshin Impact’s most popular end-game activity. The domain is a unique type of domain unlocked at Adventure Rank 20 and is situated on Musk Reef, a small island.

In order to benefit from the buffs granted on each floor, players must have a diverse set of characters. According to a post on the official Genshin Impact subReddit, the most commonly used characters in the Spiral Abyss between updates 2.4 and 2.8 are revealed.

The list represents the pick rate within the playable roster for each account. As an example, 84.3% of players who own Kazuha have used him in the Spiral Abyss. Since Kaedehara Kazuha’s arrival in Update 1.6, he has proven to be one of the strongest supporters in Genshin Impact. Due to the fact that he was placed one update before the new Inazuma region, a large portion of the community skipped his first banner, contributing to the inflated usage rates.

The Kazuha and Klee double rerun made it into the top ten banners when it comes to all-time revenue because Kazuha appeared on the first banner cycle for Gesnhin Impact version 2.8. Several comments in the comment section are surprised that the second character on the list is the four-star Pyro user Bennett. Considering his ability to adapt to almost any team composition, he is considered the best four-star unit on the Genshin Impact roster.

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Bennett’s elemental burst, Fantastic Voyage, deals Pyro damage, grants one of the strongest heals in the game, and provides a very powerful damage buff. He is currently available as part of the Tapestry of Golden Flames banner as one of the four-star characters. Players still have a few days to acquire this unique character before the banner expires on August 23.

Additionally, fans seem surprised that the recently released Hydro user Yelan placed fourth on the list. As a five-star Hydro bow user, she is one of the best sub-DPS characters in Genshin Impact. She was released in update 2.7, and her banner, Discerner of Enigmas, has become the third most popular banner in the game. Due to the fact that update 2.7 was delayed for three weeks, players were able to gather additional Primogems, which contributed to the banner’s success.

New Nick Fury in MCU’s Multiverse Saga


No character has appeared more frequently in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than Wong, the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth-616. Wong has kept things moving cohesively despite the fact that each installment has mostly been a one-shot affair.

There is a complaint from fans that the movies are no longer connecting as they once did. Having separate stories for each hero is not a bad thing since it allows the MCU to explore different themes and plot structures without being so predictable. Nevertheless, if fans would like to see something that proves the MCU is heading towards something significant, look no further than Wong’s role as Nick Fury.

Something’s going on in the MCU

It was Nick Fury who tied everything together and built up to the Avengers movies during the first phase of the MCU. He appeared in the post-credits scene of Iron Man and mentioned the Avengers Initiative. He then played an important role in the second movie, bringing in the Black Widow. The character of Fury appeared in the post-credits scene of Thor as well as at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger. With the smaller appearances leading up to the movie, Fury brought together the Avengers for their first major battle. It appears that Wong is undertaking something similar, but on a smaller scale. Unlike Fury, Wong has not mentioned assembling a team, but there will be an Avengers team in Phase Six. It appears that Wong is working on that in Phase Four and that the team may be formed in Phase Five. Initially appearing in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, he showed an interest in Shang-Chi’s rings while revealing he was working with Captain Marvel and the Hulk. According to the trailers, how Wong and Abomination ended up together may be resolved in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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What Team Is Wong Forming?

Wong’s role in the MCU is unclear, but he has a lot on his plate. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness showed him fighting alongside Strange to protect the world, and it was clear that he was preparing a major force to combat something in Kamar-Taj.

Wong stated in Spider-Man: No Way Home that he was very busy and had a great deal on his plate. There was a great deal of evidence of this in the Shang-Chi post-credit scenes. Currently, he is working with the remaining Avengers to ensure that they are prepared if and when something else occurs. There is no doubt that this will take place as a result of the Secret Invasion, the battle with Kang, and the upcoming Secret Wars.

There is no doubt that Abomination was one of Wong’s main recruits. In the trailer for She-Hulk, he appears to ask Jennifer Walters for assistance. As she represents the Abomination and Wong has already been seen working with the gamma-mutate, Emil Blonsky is one of the Sorcerer Supreme’s allies. In addition to working with Hulk, Wong said in She-Hulk’s trailer that he answers to a higher power, and the universe is in danger. Among the few beings who are able to deal with the incursions, Wong is one of the few. As Nick Fury set up his team to combat world-ending threats, it is now Wong’s turn to fulfill this role, and although not explicitly stated, his actions throughout Phase Four of the MCU indicate that he serves as the new Nick Fury.

Disney+’s She-Hulk is the best MCU series


Critics are raving about Jen Walters’ debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The series premiere prompted many audience members to take to social media to share their thoughts.

Attendees praised Tatiana Maslany’s dedicated and witty performance as a highlight, which sets a new standard for the MCU’s burgeoning foray into television. According to the Report, She-Hulk was able to deliver a story that was both fresh and new despite being firmly entrenched in Marvel’s on-screen universe. According to entertainment journalist Rob Keyes, Attorney at Law is MCU’s funniest series so far due to its unique meta-style.

According to Erik Davis of Fandango, while She-Hulk may focus less on superhero action, it manages to remain entertaining through its comedy. Despite its often silly humor, he notes that the series is intelligent with its “sitcom vibe.” According to Yasmine Kandil of DiscussingFilm, Attorney at Law’s first episode is somewhat slow, but in subsequent chapters it picks up the pace, becoming increasingly stronger.

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She-Hulk smashes fourth wall

The story of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law focuses on Jennifer Walters, the cousin of Dr. Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). Jen must learn to balance her life as a superhero and a high-profile lawyer after learning that she can also become a powerful green hero. There will be plenty of major cameos from Marvel characters such as Abomination (Tim Roth), Wong (Benedict Wong), and Matt Murdock aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox) in the series. There will be several major cameos from Marvel characters such as Abomination (Tim Roth), Wong (Benedict Wong) and Matt Murdock aka Daredevil (Charlie Cox).

She-Hulk has yet to premiere, but many fans have already compared her to Deadpool, since both characters break the fourth wall for comic effect. Based on Jessica Gao’s observations, these comparisons do not necessarily hold up since Jen Walters was speaking directly to the audience long before Wade Wilson. She-Hulk the character is well known for doing this,” Gao said, going on to joke that Deadpool had actually copied her.

Top Gun: Maverick Could Dominate Oscars


Top Gun: Maverick is proving to not only be one of the most influential movies of 2022, but of the entire post-pandemic era box office as well. Given its significance and dedication to classic practical filmmaking, it is quite possible that the Academy will give it special consideration. Best Director, Best Original Song, and Best Cinematography are the categories that make the most sense. Depending on the crop of contenders, the film may also be nominated in a number of other categories.

Even though they are unlikely to win, it is not impossible that Cruise and his co-stars may be nominated for Best Actor and Best Picture. A film like Top Gun: Maverick may have the best chance of winning Hollywood’s most prestigious awards at the 95th Academy Awards. The Academy will do everything it can to promote films that everyone can support and bring in as many viewers as possible following the debacle of last year. Although it is still too early to make any predictions, Maverick’s massive scope, box office numbers and general buzz might justify a wager.Best Director

Nomination for Joseph Kosinski

Since 2010, Kosinski has steadily climbed the ranks of Hollywood’s directors. His first film, Tron: Legacy, has become a cult classic and has been hailed for giving new life to an intellectual property long past its prime. Since then, he has directed several films, including The Dig and Only the Brave, which have received critical acclaim. As a result of the tragic passing of the original director of Top Gun, Tony Scott, Kosinski was brought in to take up the mantle. The artist’s eye for visual storytelling and his ability to bring old-school storytelling into the modern era should be recognized.

It is not easy to edit aerial combat

It was refreshing to see Maverick’s beautiful imagery in a world dominated by films loaded with cruddy CGI. It is well known that the film was shot practically and diligently with the actors taking real G’s in the cockpits. Furthermore, the film shot nearly 800 hours of footage in order to obtain the best possible images. Nevertheless, capturing these shots is not as simple as pointing a camera at the sky as F18s zoom from one side of the frame to the other. It was extremely challenging to capture the movement of these ariel machines due to their rapid speed. It is an impressive achievement that Claudio Miranda, a cinematographer who has worked frequently with Kosinski, was able to capture the speed and beauty of these beautiful shots on screen.

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One Republic and Lady Gaga might fight

Top Gun: Maverick may have two options when it comes to Best Original Song. Although they are not as successful as “Take My Breath Away” or “Danger Zone,” they are nonetheless backed by some big names. The first option occurs in the most swoon-worthy scene of the film, when Captain Mitchell and his pilots engage in a game of Dogfight Football. A song such as One Republic’s “I Ain’t Worried” underscores all of the flexing muscles, sea splashing, and sunbathing. Lady Gaga’s film-ending ballad “Hold My Hand” is more likely to be considered for the category. In addition to being credited with the film’s score, Gaga already has a strong reputation with The Academy.

Best Picture Nomination: Top Gun: Maverick

As The Academy has increased the number of Best Picture nominees to ten, the category has expanded across a variety of genres. As a result of their relevance, performances, and outstanding filmmaking, recent films such as Mad Max: Fury Road, Joker, and Black Panther have received the Oscar’s biggest nomination. Top Gun: Maverick possesses all three of these factors. Despite being open since late May, Maverick has become the highest-grossing movie of 2022 due to the popularity of the film’s star and the audience’s positive reaction. Having said that, Avatar 2 is on its way and may result in the blockbuster losing some of its momentum.

Best Actor for Tom Cruise

Best Actor for Tom Cruise

Cruise has never won an Academy Award, despite being one of the most recognizable and beloved actors in the industry. He has been nominated three times for his roles in Born on the Fourth of July, Jerry Maguire, and most recently, although it was 22 years ago, Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia. Cruise has not made a big push for awards recognition as he has been concentrating on holding onto plane sides and repelling down the tallest buildings in the world. With the amount of love he has for this project and the level of commitment he has shown to the press, it is not unreasonable for him to think he may have a chance. It is important to the Academy that actors who are fully committed to their roles receive recognition, and Cruise is among the most committed actors. As a result, there are only five slots for Best Actor and plenty more Oscar-bait performances to come in 2022.

Henry Cavill returns to The Witcher Season 3


According to recent reports, actor Henry Cavill was forced to discontinue filming Season 3 of The Witcher after testing positive for COVID-19. The actor has recently returned to the stage.

As reported by Redanian Intelligence, Cavill is now back on set after a two-week absence. However, the production was able to continue filming certain scenes without its central star, Geralt of Rivia, as there are a number of significant scenes that do not feature his character. According to the report, filming is expected to conclude in September.

In Season 3 of The Witcher, Andrzej Sapkowski’s Time of Contempt will be adapted. This is the fourth novel in the series and the second in the main Witcher saga. Lauren S. Hissrich previously assured fans of the novels that the upcoming third season would adhere more closely to the source material than the previous season. During her presentation at Lucca Comics & Games, she commented, “It’s a really fun season and it follows a particular book very closely. There is a lot of action and some deaths.”.

The Witcher Continent Expands

According to reports, several key events are being filmed on the set of The Witcher Season 3, including a pivotal fight between Geralt of Rivia and the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. In addition, production has revealed that events from previous novels, including Blood of Elves and even Sword of Destiny, will also appear in Season 3. How they will be reshaped and adapted to fit into the ongoing story remains to be seen.

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Netflix appears to be intent on expanding the world of its Witcher adaptation. A number of interconnected projects have been developed within the Witcher franchise since the first season, including The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, an anime film exploring Vesemir and Kaer Morhen’s ancient past, as well as The Witcher: Blood Origin, an anime series titled The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep, and a family-friendly Witcher production. Since the release of the first season, the franchise has seen the development of several interconnected projects, including The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf, an anime film exploring Vesemir and Kaer Morhen’s ancient past; and upcoming The Witcher: Blood Origin as well as an anime film reportedly titled The Witcher: Sirens of the Deep and a family-friendly Witcher project.

This is on top of the ongoing main series, which already has a fourth season in development, according to The Witcher director Stephen Surjik. As he previously explained, “The writers and producers are mapping out Season 4. I do not know if I am a part of that mapping program, but at least they informed me that it is being planned.”

It is time for another MCU team-up film – not for the heroes, but for the fans


Marvel Cinematic Universe has dominated the box office for about a decade now, but interest in the connected universe is declining. A lack of cohesion and increasingly poor quality productions are making some fans question where the once unstoppable commercial juggernaut is headed. Avengers 5 and 6 have been announced at just the right time, as some are growing weary of the direction in which the Marvel Cinematic Universe is heading.

Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a letdown for many, as a result of too many risks and too few, as well as the focus on some less than memorable characters and properties. If things begin to build up to something anything that unites these disparate ideas, this can all be alleviated. This will also help to rebuild things with the casual audience, making even the most mundane Marvel movies feel like must-see movies once more.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Four began not with a movie but with a television show: WandaVision. Despite demonstrating the growing scope of the shared universe, this also began a litany of problems. If there were not so many shows and movies coming out at once, focusing on different corners of the MCU would not have been a problem. In addition, many of these were of increasingly questionable quality, taking much of the luster from the Marvel Studios brand. Additionally, there has been no clear central theme throughout this phase, making everything seem haphazard and disorganized.

The current MCU saga has been referred to as “The Multiverse Saga,” and although Spider-Man: No Way Home dealt with the multiverse, it has not been as effective as the Infinity Stones. The premise of multiversality has even been ignored by many shows and films, which have opted for non-multiversal adventures. No Way Home is the only entry in the current phase to have received near-universal praise, which has to be balanced by the fact that it is a joint production between Marvel Studios and Sony. After several of the classic Avengers have left, casual and even hardcore fans are left wondering why they should continue to follow the series.

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It was the success of the first Avengers movie that cemented the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the powerhouse it is today. The film brought together several heroes under one banner, making it appear as if each of their individual films had been leading up to it. As a result, the last few MCU movies have been more distinct from one another than ever before, with Eternals in particular feeling almost completely disconnected from the others. It is unfortunate that so many of the recent mid-tier productions have been standalones, given that Marvel Studios’ bread and butter is the fact that nothing is truly “standalone.”.

If that is the case, the obvious solution would be a crossover or team-up of some kind, even if the next official Avengers movie is quite some time away. A possible method would be to make a film in a franchise while still allowing for team-ups, such as Captain America: Civil War. It is possible for a movie like The Marvels to accomplish this by having an after-credits scene in which Carol Danvers meets with the current members of the Avengers. By doing so, the roster is established and everything that has occurred over the past two years does not seem quite so insignificant. Each Marvel movie will be viewed as an obligation by audiences again, reinvigorating interest amid lagging box office numbers. Three years is a long time to wait for the next Avengers film, and at that point, the honeymoon period for the MCU may have officially ended.

In ’90s Marvel Animation, Spider-Man made unauthorized cameos


X-Men: The Animated Series began its third season in September 1994 with a five-part adaptation of “The Phoenix Saga.” In the final episode, the heroes were depicted assisting a panicked global populace In the moments before War Machine was spotted airlifting a civilian to safety, a familiar shadow leapt into place and a distinctive red glove appeared, firing off webbing. Spider-Man: The Animated Series is scheduled to debut that fall, so this seems like a clever cross-promotion by its sister series. Fox Kids executives and Marvel Films executives would not have allowed it to air if they had their way.

It was more than a decade since Spider-Man’s last television series, but no expense was spared to give him his due, even in an era defined by the X-Men. Besides working around plot points and characters meant for James Cameron’s ill-fated feature film, and dealing with issues that led to Spider-Man’s original showrunner being replaced during pre-production, there were high expectations for the show. Increasingly protective of Spider-Man, Spider-Man’s creative team rejected a character model for a cameo appearance on X-Men without explanation. Director Larry Houston had already devised a solution for this setback.

With X-Men, Houston attempted to bring the cross-title experiences of Marvel Comics to the small screen. When presented with a second chance at an appearance as Spider-Man, he knew exactly what to do and how to do it. A black and white rendition of Spider-Man’s gloves titled “Mutant Hands” skirted past executives after the earlier full model with the character’s name was rejected.

After being offered the opportunity to work on Fantastic Four by incoming supervising producer Tom Tataranowicz in 1994, Houston left X-Men prior to its final season to work on Marvel’s first family. He attempted to flesh out the Marvel Action Universe as it became known in some TV markets during its second year in a nod to the short-lived 1988-1991 programming block — incorporating cameos, similar to what was done in X-Men — in order to draw more closely upon Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s original comics. As part of the Fantastic Four episode “Nightmare In Green”, Houston reverted to his prior work by including a fleeting appearance by the X-Men, as well as a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance by Spider-Man sort of.

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Houston and company were challenged when attempting to feature the Web-Slinger once again, so they decided to include his clone, the Scarlet Spider. Although the distinction between Spider-Man and the character was not obvious to viewers, the character was deliberately kept in shadow, with only faint details of his costume visible to suggest that it might not be him.

Fantastic Four struggled to find an audience despite an increase in quality during its second year and was cancelled in 1996 despite an increase in quality. The following year, X-Men concluded its run with three holdover episodes; Spider-Man concluded its run in January 1998. It is likely that Houston will work on later Marvel animated projects, including Avengers: United They Stand and the underrated X-Men: Evolution, but the end of Spider-Man may have closed a unique chapter in Marvel animation. By using his ingenuity, viewers were able to see Spider-Man appear in Marvel’s animated universe, even if he was not explicitly mentioned.

Daredevil Will Be Different in She-Hulk


In recent years, Daredevil has been hailed as one of the best comic book shows. Netflix’s series developed Matt Murdock and his supporting characters in an exceptional manner, while also telling a darker and more intense story than expected. It is expected that Daredevil will be less brooding as he appears in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and becomes more involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Daredevil appearing in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law and becoming more involved with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he will no longer be as brooding. As part of the MCU, She-Hulk will explore the lighter side of the character.

The MCU is frequently criticized for not taking characters seriously or having the same type of comedic dialogue in each episode or movie. The reason why Daredevil resonated with fans was that it was the opposite of all of that. The fight choreography was breathtaking, intense, and grounded. Charlie Cox will continue to portray the role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it may be difficult to adjust to a more light-hearted version of the character – but fans will still find much to enjoy.

As Daredevil becomes more involved with the MCU, his style is likely to be adapted to match the new universe he inhabits. As a result of Hawkeye’s writing of Kingpin, we have already seen a shift to a lighter tone. Daredevil cannot beat people until his knuckles are broken and bloodied. As much as exploring the lighter side of Daredevil means departing from the aspects that fans enjoyed in the original series, it also means creating new stories for the character.

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By making Daredevil lighter, Cox is able to demonstrate more of his acting talents. Despite the presence of humor in the Netflix series, the Disney+ show will display it more effectively. It is possible for Daredevil to still have dark moments while also incorporating humor into situations or stories. She-Hulk does not have to make him into a joke in order for him to land jokes, and Cox knows how to do this. It is important to explore more aspects of Daredevil’s character than just his dark side in order to continue to develop his character.

It is also possible to include that aspect of Daredevil in the MCU. It is important to note that just because She-Hulk focuses on the lighter aspects of Daredevil’s character, does not mean that Echo or Daredevil: Born Again will do so as well. As She-Hulk is more of a comedic show that even includes meta elements, it is likely to seek out comedy elements. If Daredevil had a different tone from the rest of the characters, his highly anticipated appearance would ruin rather than enhance the series. She-Hulk’s screen time can add more dimensions to his personality before other series explore other aspects.

There is a significant difference between the tone of the MCU and the Marvel series on Netflix, so audiences should not expect the characters to be exactly the same. As a whole, the Marvel Cinematic Universe tells darker stories, but often with a fair amount of humor to offset the tragedy. It is not a reason to write off She-Hulk because she chooses to focus on the more positive aspects of Daredevil. A great actor like Charlie Cox can bring all of the wonderful aspects of the Netflix version of Daredevil into the Marvel Cinematic Universe while adding something new to it.

The Director of Shazam Solved Filmmaking Issues


David F. Sandberg is different from most other Hollywood superhero directors in that he has a YouTube channel. In fact, the director of Shazam! Under the username ponysmasher, he began sharing videos on video-sharing websites. In fact, it was his second horror short film, Lights Out, that gained him a reputation and set him on the path to directing Shazam!

While Sandberg is not as active on the website as he used to be, that does not mean his channel is no longer active. Through his platform, he continues to provide insight into the filmmaking process that few others provide, such as advice, tutorials, and little tips and tricks. There is even some behind-the-scenes information about Shazam’s production. It is unlikely that many fans will notice this when watching the film casually.

Many films (even blockbusters) are ultimately made by people, despite the millions of dollars poured into their production. As shocking as it may sound, people can be imperfect. As opposed to concealing these imperfections, Sandberg chooses to highlight them. As a result, he uses them in an effort to provide a learning experience to his students.

The mall scene in the first Shazam film is one of the best examples. Shazam is chased through the mall by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, and while he is doing so, he takes flight in the crowded mall. When Shazam first leaves the ground, there is a visual effects shot, as some wires are removed for the wires used to lift Zachary Levi. The majority of audiences will not be aware of another sneaky use of VFX in the film.

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The shot Sandberg wanted to use for the film had a problem. Crew members were visible in the frame. It is unfortunate, but mistakes do occur, and no one is to blame. However, nobody noticed until the editing process began. Instead of rotoscoping the crew members out of the shot, they added shopping bags and gifts to them. In the mall, they were now extras, people going about their Christmas shopping.

It is strange that these members of the public are not fleeing the danger like everyone else, as Sandberg points out. Due to a clever bit of trickery, no one noticed that crew members were present in the shot. That is the power of Shazam, Sandberg pointing out the imperfections of his own film serves to highlight the creative efforts of himself and his team.